The Karmapa, one of Tibetan Buddhism’s most important leaders, launches his new book in London on May 23 during his first visit to Britain. Born in a nomadic family in eastern Tibet, the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, made headline news in 2000 with his dramatic escape to India, where he now lives near the […]

Pandeism: An Anthology presents the work of sixteen authors, new and old, examining the implications of the revolutionary evolutionary theological theory of Pandeism – the proposition that the Creator of our Universe created by becoming our Universe, and that this proposition can be demonstrated through the exercise of logic and reason. These authors present a […]

Haim Shapira is the author of Happiness and Other Small Things of Absolute Importance; he is also the author of Pirates, Gladiators and Games of Trust. This segment is from Haim’s talk at Alternatives in March 2017.

What does it mean to be spiritually awakened? What are the main aspects of spiritual awakening and how can we cultivate them? Spiritual psychologist Steve Taylor will discuss the main themes of his new book The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening, just published as an Eckhart Tolle Edition (with a foreword by Eckhart). He […]

The ancient path of shamanism, the oldest spiritual healing practice across the world, has still much to teach us in the modern world. In this talk we will explore how this wisdom can assist us in these powerful times of transformation, when much healing is needed. We will focus on the gifts this earth based […]

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