Erich von Däniken, best known for his 70 million copies bestseller Chariots of the Gods, considered by many as the godfather of the ancient astronaut theories. Born and raised in Switzerland, von Daniken‘s seminal work has been published in 32 languages in over 40 countries. His quest to unravel ancient mysteries of our planet began […]

Githa Ben-David presents a method for liberating the natural voice using regressive cell singing – one of the most direct ways to get in contact with the subconscious mind. This liberation has a healing effect on body and soul and can be experienced by every speaking person. With inspiration from India, Githa has put together […]

Immensely prolific, yet discredited during his lifetime, the symbolist author and visionary occultist Joséphin Péladan (Sâr Merodack, 1858-1918) constructed a vast yet coherent body of teachings in response to the social decadence he perceived in late 19th century French society. In his cycle of novels, La Décadence Latine, his characters represented archetypal ideals facing existential […]

Advanced alien races have been visiting Earth for millennium, but until very recently, they have revealed very little about themselves. To help reduce this knowledge gap, David McCready was encouraged by them to gather together a team of researchers who were then trained in interplanetary astral projection. This enabled David’s research team to astrally project […]

At a time of great turbulence, the heartening biography which is the focus of this talk, offers solace and insight into the root causes of sorrow and violence. In Meeting Evil with Mercy Philip Pegler tells the absorbing story of Martin Israel, a Jewish doctor turned Christian priest, who always emphasised the sanctity of life […]

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