Can your diet affect your mental health?

Can the foods you eat affect your mental health

Do you know anyone that suffers from depression, or someone showing certain signs of the condition? The chances are that you do. Sadly, depression is a condition that is all too common, even in these days of brilliant breakthroughs in medicine and science.

According to the World Health Organisation, some 350 million people across the planet live with the mental disorder, and the same source states that it’s one of the biggest causes of disability known today.

Can you deal with depression?

When severe, chronic depression takes hold of someone in its vice-like grip, it can be extremely difficult to see a way out. That’s why depression is so dangerous – indirectly, it’s not harmful, but if left untreated it can lead some poor souls to the edge, even causing some to take their own life. Thankfully, there is a broad range of treatments available for depression, from medication, through to therapy sessions and other, natural forms of remedy.

That old adage, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ has never rung truer when it comes to depression.

If you believe that you’re suffering from depression, it’s of paramount importance that you seek out professional medical advice. Once the condition has been diagnosed, it can be easier to manage.

An article in Psych Central suggests that your diet could also have a big impact on your overall fight against depression. That’s because the ‘black dog’, as it is sometimes known, can markedly affect your food choices through controlling your mood. The article states that because depression is a root cause of sluggish motivation and depleted energy levels, it can often lead to terrible choices in food.

Eating your way to a healthy mind

It’s no secret that eating junk food such as burgers and kebabs can lead to an increase in weight and decreased energy, but Psych Central’s report suggests that it can also fuel depression, leading you into a vicious cycle that can seem impossible to break.

Depression can cause you to feel as though you are locked in a dark prison cell, with no way out.

However, there is a lot to be said for piling your plate with health foods, which have been proven to help those locked in battle with depression. That old adage, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ has never rung truer when it comes to depression.

Mind nutrition website Food For The Brain details several vitamins and minerals that are great weapons in the fight against depression, so it’s worth adding them to your diet to help your cause. These include omega-3 fats (found in oily fish), B vitamins and amino acids (found in beans and eggs). If you can improve your diet, who’s to say that your mind won’t follow?