Pesky pesticides: How we can eat organic food without breaking the bank (II)

In part two of this video series, the ladies take a look at fruits and vegetables that you don’t have to necessarily have purchased from the expensive organic food¬†section in order to avoid harmful pesticides. These are known as the ‘Clean 15’ and you can just waltz on over to the standard fruit section of your supermarket and pick up these products, safe in the knowledge that they are as clean as can be. Even if the lettuce, avocados and coconuts of the Clean 15 do contain traces of pesticide, it will be absolutely minimal, with no effect on your overall health and wellbeing.

Generally, fruits with thicker skins are very safe to eat, as they can repel both pesticides and pests themselves due to their durable hides. Even making the tiniest change in your eating habits – moving away from the ‘Dirty Dozen’ (12 crops that should always be bought organically due to their pesticide content) to the Clean 15 can markedly lower your pesticide intake, resulting in a cleaner, healthier you.

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