About Us

Dedicated to a meaningful life

The Retreat by Watkins is the premium Mind Body Spirit online destination that enables individuals wanting to step back from the everyday to find more meaning in their lives.

The retreat is a kick-start to the process of reflecting and taking charge of aspects of life that cannot always be addressed in the everyday such as growth and self-actualization, love and relationships, spirituality and faith, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of everyday symptoms and practices like mindfulness to combat stress.

The retreat is brought to you by Watkins to empower readers to be fulfilled in their lives and provide an enjoyable and meaningful escape.

Quote from Etan Ilfeld

“Our aim is to continue the vision of John Watkins who founded Watkins Books in 1893 with the aim of publishing and promoting inspirational books. Watkins remains a global authority on contemporary spirituality and the flagship bookstore in Cecil Court has had the same physical address since 1901 and is the UK’s oldest mind, body, spirit bookstore. Watkins also publishes three international magazines on contemporary spirituality and an annual list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. We’d like to think that John Watkins would be proud.”

-Etan Ilfeld (CEO of Watkins)