Thought On A Thread


Mindfulness is powerful because it can bring you to life more fully and allows you to slow down and be with your activities, thoughts, and breathing.  I have attended a workshop on mindfulness a couple of years back that addressed the mind & body connection and community in a simple exercise. Let me tell you about thought on a thread (by Woza Moya). Thought on a thread was designed by a group of community care workers in KwaZuluNatal (African continent) to support the people in the region, but is a very ‘adaptable’ exercise, you can practice it anywhere and silently if you so wish, and I have grown to love it.

Thought on a thread is the red bead on the black thread. It encourages each one of us who has one to be more grounded and present in and to our lives, and to connect with those wearing identical threads, in reach and out of reach in other parts of the world. The red bead reminds us of this small practice.

Attach the bracelet to your wrist, then follow these simple steps.

Step 1-Exploring; Make contact with the ground through your feet, explore how you make contact with different parts of the feet (toes, balls of the feet, and heels), make space for this in your everyday.

Step 2-Breathing; Placing hand on the belly and inviting the mind to pay attention to the breath beneath the stomach. Feeling the in- and out-breath and how the body moves with it. Bringing your mind back when it wonders off. This can be invaluable to bring yourself back from difficult feelings.

Step 3-Connecting; Touching the red bead, linking into the heart and opening to connect with others who are thinking about us kindly and wishing us well. If we feel like it later – touching the bead and linking into the heart and thinking of others who are ill or having tough times and wishing them well with kindness wherever they are