Practical Tips to Achieving Mindfulness by Tessa Watt

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Tessa Watt is a mindfulness teacher and consultant, running workshops in organisations as well as the 8-week MBSR course. She is author of the books Introducing Mindfulness: A Practical Guide (Icon, 2012) and Mindful London (Virgin, August 2014). Tessa has been practising meditation for 20 years, and is an experienced instructor at the London Shambhala Meditation Centre. She is a fully qualified yoga teacher, and has completed the Teacher Development Retreat run by the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University. Tessa Watt is a founding director of Slow Down London, a project encouraging Londoners to challenge the cult of speed and appreciate the world around us. Mindful London invites you to slow down, wake up and be present to the everyday in a more meaningful way, in one of the world’s greatest cities. For Londoners and visitors looking to enhance their experience of the city, and for those curious about mindfulness, this is your essential guide. It features quiet and peaceful places to retreat to in the middle of the chaos, from the silence and sanctuary of libraries, museums and churches to the rejuvenating influence of nature found in London’s myriad green spaces and waterways.